About Kris

Hey there, Neighbor.

You just played with my face, didn't you? I suppose now you'd like to know a bit more about me. That's what always happens.

Well, I'm a Minnesota based artist, designer and strategist. I've been coming up with ways for businesses and organizations to take their messages to the internet for over 13 years. There isn't a project too big or small for me. They're all fun.

As an artist I explore the ins and outs of human relationships as they relate to cognition, memory and learning. (Yes, seriously, I really do this.) The rest of the time I like to photograph structures, mostly architecture and food but I also photograph people, plants, animals and any landscape I find interesting.

On a personal level, I am relentlessly curious. I always want to know how to do things and for some reason, always think that I can. And guess what? This means that I can. This has led me to learn photography, cooking, furniture design and makery, puppy wrangling, knitting, ghetto-loom weaving, jewelry making, basic construction, clothing design, interior design & remodeling 
, writingThere it is, the experiment. There are no rules here. Wear mis-matched plaid if you want. Dance [badly.] Play spin the bottle with your first love. Muse on half remembered conversations on the flocking patterns of birds. There is no right or wrong. There is only an hypothesis of a destination and a thousand roads to get there.

Take your time.
, basic computer programmingIf
{you thought this would be interesting;}
{you were sadly mistaken.}
and even how to use my voice. (One of the odd side effects of art school is that it does make you useful. I was there for a lot of years, so I'm quite useful.)

Anyway, thanks so much for your interest. If you're interested in anything I'm doing or think you'd like to work with me on anything, please, don't hesitate to ask!

Love always,
Kris Hase, creative type at large, 2008

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