About Kris

I have over 12 years of interactive marketing strategy and design experience, including 5 years project management producing interactive pieces. I excel at leading and managing interdisciplinary teams through strategy, design, development and delivery of highly creative and effective interactive applications.

I've delivered creative and strategy for clients ranging from non-profits and small businesses to Fortune Global 500 companies including Allianz Life, Microsoft, Purina and Johnson & Johnson.

  • I've created content strategy and information design of dozens of e-commerce and e-learning products including Agent 77's HIPAA training and compliance product that made $1.2 million in its first year on the market.
  • Led design and technical projects that varied in scale from large dynamic database driven commercial web directories and Intranets, training web sites and interactive media projects to smaller communication and marketing packages.
  • Prototyped and produced dozens of interactive media, web and web phone based educational and commerce products using several different technologies.
  • Identified opportunities to use interactive media and appropriate technologies to create online experiences, tools and communication with customers.
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Work represented is owned by the organizations it was created for and/or Kris Hase. Please contact me for more information or inquiries.

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